Aladin Capital AG is Switzerland based Swiss Trust Company (STC), Registered in the Canton of Zug. As an STC, Aladin is a financial institution capable of raising funds and managing its own funds for various financial sectors of business. Aladin Capital is supporting the underlining value of the cryptocurrency Aladin Coin (AIC) through its featured portfolio of business which includes;

• Phase 1

1. High velocity algorithm robot trading in the futures, securities and forex markets. Managing Aladin Capital earned income.

2. Managing and operating its own AIC crypto-mining facilities.

3. is a cryptocurrency exchange that is owned by Aladin Capital and the home base for AIC. Current expansion of additional coin listings is under way as will grow into an international cryptocurrency exchange.

• Phase 2

        Aladin will underwrite and issue Security Tokens ICO’s for its principal investments. These ICO’s will be the investment capital sourced for these investments. The ultimate goal is for the AIC to be utilized within these investments as a form of exchange of currency. Each one of these listings will include a FORK or Airdrop for existing AIC holders.

1. Aladin Shop – online international E-Commerce that accepts AIC.

2. Aladin Zen Retreat – an exclusive zen/spa retreat that accepts AIC as a form of payment.

3. Aladin Solar - solar farming to support mining operations. .